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A March for Science in Los Angeles

It seems strange that we demonstrated  for science … isn’t it the foundation of modern life … likening the march to demonstrating in favor of food or water or oxygen?

Nonetheless, thousands of us converged on DTLA, riding buses, the metro, carrying signs, props, even costumes.  Signs of the day:   “No science, no internet,”  “No plague? That’s Science.”  But the very best:  “No science, no BEER.”

I would add, “No science, no photography!”  Armed with my Galaxy Mini S4 to document the event, it was hard to miss the humorous and sometimes witty flavor of the day.  Still, too slow to boot up, my phone camera missed the raunchy cardboard cutout of President Trump.  And because of my lack of height, I missed a gory, dripping sign that read “Even Zombies Love Brains.”         (Everyone else’s heads covered the bottom word, Brains. )