Don’t Diddle with Our Peace Cairn

Near the trail junction in upper Marshall Canyon, someone (or someones) has been busy creating peace sculptures in the woods.

And somebody or somebodies has been systematically taking them down.

But new sculptures keep appearing, sometimes in  a different medium.

Marshall Canyon is an LA County park, infrequently overseen by county employees, who most recently have installed a puzzling but colorful series of trail signs and maps.  (It is still possible to get lost in the Canyon even though a hiker will never be more than 2 1/2 miles from the parking lot.)

We appreciate the county’s attentiveness to Marshall Canyon, especially when there is storm or wind damage to the trails.  But we also enjoy the creativity that the human critters (we think) add to our hiking experience.

We hope they persist, pile on more rocks.   Maybe we should think about an opening reception for the next artwork that (hopefully) will appear…

ps.  The top photo was taken by Carrie.

pps. If you are the sculptor, leave a comment below!


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