Koalas, rainbows and wild orchids (catching up)

Trekkers love to wander the length and height of LA County…often in the same week.  Recently, we found ourselves in Silverlake hunting for the Music Box Stairs where Laurel and Hardy carried a piano up a narrow staircase in the academy award winning film, “The Music Box.”   And on the following Saturday, we headed for Mt. Baldy in eastern LA county.

The Music Box staircase consists of a whopping 708 steps in an eclectic neighborhood where we discovered riddles, colorful signs and rainbows.

On the following two Saturdays, we headed for the slopes of Mt. Baldy, at 10,064 feet, the highest peak in Southern California’s San Gabriel  Range.  We found wild orchids along San Antonio Creek at the Sierra Ski Hut and wonderful views on the Devil’s Backbone trail leading to the summit.  A word to the wise:  bring a portable battery charger or a spare battery for your phone camera!  (Mine was out of juice well before the summit.)



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