Women’s March Los Angeles: January 20, 2017

On an unexpectedly sunny and bright day, more than 500,000 angelenos of all sexes, races, ages, genders and religions poured into DTLA for an old fashioned demonstration.

The planners, we heard, first thought they might draw 2000 or so women for a sister march, to coincide with the Women’s March in Washington DC.  But then their facebook page garnered first 50,000 then 60,000 then 90,000 responses.  Estimates ranged from half to three quarters of a million marchers and did not count many who could not get to the march in time because the metro transit system was simply overwhelmed.


There were bottlenecks when marchers were packed tightly and unable to advance but with  good humor and chants of  “March!  march!” the logjams dissolved into comfortable strolls past information booths, food trucks and porta potties.

The chant of the day:  “Tell me what democracy looks like…this is what democracy looks like…”

The color of the day:  pink.  The theme of the day:  pussies.

The crowd streamed from Pershing Square to City Hall, where political orators like Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Senate leader  Kevin deLeon fired up the  crowd.  Turning the corner at lst Street and heading south on Broadway to a second stage at 6th Street, an astonishing number of celebrity activists gave fiery speeches, bands performed and Helen Reddy reprized the feminist anthem,”I am Woman.”


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