Echo Park to the Heights of Angelino: another urban adventure

Echo ParkUrban hikes in LA provide an opportunity to experience the geographical relationship between  communities and the city center.  This time, we started from the basin floor at Echo Park Lake, a large, manicured urban pond stocked with coots, rental boats and floating lilies.

As in all parts of Los Angeles, Echo Park is surrounded by  hills where bedroom communities were  built with staircases that  residents would descend to catch the streetcars (the Red Car system.)  Although the advent of  automobile culture ended the rail system by the l950’s, the stairways remain.

We climbed staircases on both sides of the lake, finding graffiti, spectacular views of DTLA, the ever-present freeways, and then stumbled upon gorgeous Victorian mansions at the top of Angelino Heights.

The best part?  After some four or five miles of tromping up and down the old staircases, lunch at Taix was just a block away from Echo Park!


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