USFS Shuttle to Chantry Flat!

Hope you didn’t miss it!  For three weekends starting September 24 and ending October 9, hikers could ride a free shuttle  to Chantry Flat from  the Metro Goldline’s Arcadia Station.

We gleefully boarded at the Citrus/APU station at 8:30 a.m. and within the hour had arrived at the trailhead.  No parking headaches, no endless circling, no scary walk along the narrow winding road when the parking lot filled up!  Just the rest of the day to hike, picnic, take pictures and enjoy the scent of bay, oak and pine.

We had avoided Chantry Flat for several years because of parking headaches on the weekend and ended the day wondering whether the shuttle service was likely to continue.  The forest rangers agreed that it might if the turnout was good and surveys indicated public approval.  We snatched up the forms and wrote yes!

If you’d like to weigh in, you might still contact the U.S. Forest Service through a link proved by  San Gabriel Mountains Forever: /

Here are a few pictures:


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