Strange Sights in Marshall Canyon

The day started out with a hike under a gorgeous sky, into the leafy canyon where we were treated to a doe and her yearling fawn trotting past us.

Further up the trail, we came upon a lovely picnic area where an Eagle Scout had built a sturdy public restroom for tired hikers.  Two stalls and a skylight beckoned and we headed under the trees toward the cozy structure.

We found ourselves locked out!  We couldn’t figure out the required combination and hoped for a friendly bear or raccoon to ask but none appeared.  Not even the squirrels came to laugh at our predicament.

Undaunted, we headed uphill and noticed another addition to the canyon.

It was a park bench dedicated to (or by?) our retiring county supervisor who is currently running for a seat in the California State Senate.  Grateful hikers not in need of a bathroom will surely support him in November!



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