Riding up to the Getty Center

Word to the wise:  the weekend after Labor Day is perfect for a trip  to the Getty Center…the weather was cooler than it’s been in a long time and the  crowd was so thin that the interminable summer lines were gone.   There was no jostling in the galleries, zero waiting in the ladies’ restroom!

Although there is a walking path from the parking lot  to the Getty Center campus, the Saturday trekkers chose to ride the tram that lifted us  from the urban stresses of the valley to the world of art at the top of the hill.

For this photographer the combination of exhibits this month was a treat…starting with a romp through photo history via 19th century French photography.  It  included  larger-than-life portraits created by contemporary photographer, Richard Learoyd,  in his room-sized camera obscura.  His use of a camera 0bscura not only paid homage to the early history of photography but gave him an opportunity to refer to some of the figurative art displayed in “London Calling.”   In that exhibit, I found two favorite themes:  figurative art with a psychological twist and urban landscapes.

A few pictures, with apologies for my phone camera that gets fidgety in low light:

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