Food Trekking in the Siracha Factory

The scent of peppers beckoned as  cheery red carts transported us into the pristine environment of Huy Fong’s factory where each fall, millions of jalapenos are ground and processed in preparation for their transformation into Siracha sauce.

The factory floor was cool and bright, the number of workers appeared minimal.  The peppers would not be ripe enough for a couple more months.

The factory was spotlessly clean (after all, they do manufacture foodstuffs) but its brightness came from scores of skylights checkering the roof.  And temperatures are kept comfortable year round, despite the absence of either cooling system or fans, we were told.

“It’s magic,” said our garrulous tour guide, Sabrina.  “That’s all I can tell you.”

Our trek in pictures (click on any picture to engage the slideshow where the images are larger):


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