At the Huntington: testing a new lens

Twelve gardens blooming.  Four galleries exhibiting.  Californians strolling under the warm sunshine.  The Huntington in winter.

The beauty of the Huntington botanical gardens lies not only in their visual appeal, but in the fact that flowers are the perfect models.    Unlike animals and humans,  flowers cooperate  (for the most part) with photographers.  (They stay still.)  On the other hand, flowers  have trouble following simple directions, i.e.:  turn right, look down, don’t smile!!

Our party consisted of three photographers and a hiker who, though preferring not to be photographed, was outnumbered.  (Happily.)  So I tested out my new lens,  a prime (single focal length) 35 millimeter lens with a maximum aperture of f/l.4.  It is an extremely bright lens, just a tiny bit wide. The lens was even able to reveal the warmth,  intelligence and humor of the  human subjects.

Here’s my gallery.  Click on any image to engage the slideshow or to download:


One response to “At the Huntington: testing a new lens

  1. Nice, I assume Nikon Lens.

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