Goodbye to the 6th Street Bridge

LA’s iconic 6th Street bridge, backdrop for  movies  and music videos, will be taken down starting Friday, February 5.  Traffic has already been blocked  and soon portions of the 101 freeway will be closed while the bridge is demolished.

This was our last chance to view the LA river from below the bridge and to get a glimpse of the deteriorating structure.

The approach to the river has changed.  The tunnel that leads to the water from Santa Fe Avenue had been painted  light gray and was no longer a dark walkway littered with trash.  There were a few coverings on the bridge.  The cat we had seen a few months earlier, near the homeless encampment, was gone and we wondered what would happen to the homeless folk who lived there.

The freeway closure will end Sunday, February 7 but complete demolition will continue for some months.  The renovated bridge will be completed in 2018 or 2019.  For more information and a photo gallery of the plans for the new bridge, see


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