Interested in another San Andreas adventure?

Is anyone interested in another San Andreas adventure?  Geology professor, Joan Fryxell, led an informative hike on Thursday,  from the CSUSB campus into the hills where the San Andreas fault is a distinctive geological feature.

Hikers were able to experience the Great California Shakeout with a trip to the grandaddy of all faults at  the boundary of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates!

Fryxell, guided a group of 18  (in addition to  a journalist, a photographer and a five month old baby)  to the very spot where the plates last met in l812.  A good half mile from the campus and just behind an Observatory, the boundary is visually distinct, although Fryxell took time to explain how we know the fault runs at that spot

Fryxell leads this walk every year on the day of the shakeout and happily offers the hike to interested groups at other times.

The day proved pleasant, perhaps because of the overcast and on the way back to campus, sharp eyes spotted a sleeping Pacific Coast Rattlesnake with its distinctive black color.

If you’re interested in this hike, let me know!


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