Report on a Climate Change Workshop

Climate Change Workshop

This is a bit late—the event took place last Thursday.   (Trekkers learned about it from George Sapien, a member of the Holy Name of Mary Parish that sponsored the event.)   The featured speaker, Joshua Fisher, is an environmental scientist who cut his teeth studying climate change in the Amazon, what he called “the lungs of the planet.”   Currently a project scientist of the Water & Carbon Cycles Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Fisher presented a brief (50 minutes) summary of what is known about climate change in a graphics filled presentation that was entertaining (not geeky.)  He lightened his talk with periodic apologies for scientific viewpoints at odds with the Catholic Church (the kindly host of the event), including population control and evolution.

The host of the event welcomed the audience into a spacious and new parish hall where the program included a vocal duet, a group dance and visitors, including a speaker from the University of La Verne.  It proved to be an endearing blend of church social and “the science guy” and it was actually informative.

For a brief look at what Fisher is up to, here’s a link to an interview published on youtube:




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