Thursday’s hike to the 6th Street Bridge

It was a great morning for taking pictures:  I had two great models!  Michael who kindly agreed to make the trip despite my being the only hiker to show up and a frisky furry critter we met by a homeless encampment.

The LA River was running very low and the only things of interest were three groups of young people visiting the river with teachers, sketch books, cameras and giggles.  (We did explore the neighborhood by car and discovered ways to walk across the 6th Street,  8th Street, 4th Street and Olympic street bridges, saw striking wall art  and some beautiful new construction.)

Here are a few pictures.  As always, click on any image to engage the slideshow.  To download pictures, right-click the image, either in the mosaic below or the slideshow.  A pop up menu should allow you to choose “save image as.”  Click that and follow your computer’s prompts.  Otherwise, email me and I’ll send them to you by gmail.

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