The Terminal Annex Post Office

Terminal Annex Post OfficeOn Thursday, we explored the streets surrounding Union Station (ditching the plan of our very patient leader to walk to Little Tokyo…) and found:

The Terminal Annex Post Office:    A HUGE, beautifully designed building with an  art-deco interior that is  home to some 11 gorgeous WPA era murals depicting California’s history, both ancient and modern.

We climbed to view the restored mural, America Tropical, by David  Siqueros,  wandered past  posters of coming exhibits, and back at Union Station where they do things in style ….

The murals in the Terminal Annex were painted by Boris Deutsch, a Russian emigre, who won a New Deal competition to create the 11 murals.  His work is housed at various galleries in Southern California, San Francisco  and San Diego, including LACMA.   FYI:  most of the murals were roped off from the public zone but no one prevented us from wandering down the hallway.



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