Saturday Hikes, New Adventures!

A change in routine!

On the first Saturday in November, we will join Joe Whyte’s hike on the Blue Ridge for a beautiful Fall hike.  Here’s the description:

This is a great Fall hike along the PCT and Acorn Canyon trail.  Along the way we will summit Wright Mt.
Total miles 9.5, elevation gain 1200 ft. Wear warm clothes as we will be at high elevation.
Meet 7:45 a.m. at #9, to carpool, or be at the MacDonald’s at I-15 and Hwy 138 by 8:15 a.m.
This will be a treat!  Join us!

2 responses to “Saturday Hikes, New Adventures!

  1. Julie
    suggestion: Mt Rubioux in Riverside @Fairmount park, might be a different type hike, round trip about 5-7 miles up to top and back, if thats not enough we can circle the lakes in park & visit the flower garden. its about 20 miles from Claremont.

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