Town Hall Meeting: National Recreation Area for San Gabriel Mts.

If you weren’t there, you missed a really well-organized and tightly run event on Saturday….

There was  a surprise speaker:  Hilda Solis, former Secretary of Labor…who  began the project 10 (TEN!) years ago by getting Congressional approval for a study just released this past April.

Congresswoman Judy Chu and 3 other speakers explained the NRA (National Recreation Area) to a packed house at Taylor Hall in  Claremont,   September 7.

San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area (proposed)

Chu is now soliciting comment and input and seems to be open to proposals to expand the area to be included in the NRA…maybe even including Cucamonga Canyon.

An NRA can bring funding directly to the San Gabriels, meaning money for bathrooms, rangers, educational programs and signage…It can help bring attention to the San Gabriels and ensure its preservation as an accessible wildlands recreation area.

Chu explained that in Eaton Canyon, in the last two years, 5 people have fallen to their deaths on an unmaintained, unstable trail with no warning signs.   Of course, the crackpot contingent was there and  shouted  “Why should we care that druggies get themselves killed at Eaton Falls?”

Chu responded calmly. “They weren’t all drug addicts,” she said, adding that
one victim, for example, was a student leader,  academically excellent, athlete,.. and that the people who have died because of the undeveloped and
dangerous areas were people of value.

I’ve attached a map…apologies for the poor photo quality.

The only website I could find: Congresswoman Judy Chu:  Pasadena Office: 626/304-0110

p.s.  The issue of greatest concern was raised by Mt. Baldy Ski Lift owner, “How will the NRA affect my operation?”  The answer, “Not at all.  Nothing will change for you.”  All currently held property rights and privileges will not be affected by the NRA.


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