February Hikes

Egret strolling through the park near the LA River.

February Hikes:


Sat. Feb. 4:  Hikers’ Choice.  Meet #2, but at Pomelo  (Mills/Mt.Baldy)

Sat. Feb. 11:  Glendora South Hills.  Meet #4. (Foothill/Wheeler)

Sat. Feb. 18:  Marshall Cyn.

Sat. Feb. 25:  Hikers’ Choice, Meet #4.  Possible drive to the shore…


6 responses to “February Hikes

  1. Julie,
    Tks for the notice. If I can, I like to join the Saturday, Feb 11 hike. What time do you meet. Tks.


  2. Dennise Manning

    Sadly, every Saturday in January was filled with obligations so I could not hike the last month in town. We are into the new house in Apple Valley but the television and computers will be connected tomorrow. I am told that our internet access is sketchy too. I might have to have regular sessions at Starbucks!

    The last week of December I was able to make a “Steps” hike on a Thursday. Interestingly, my daughter MacKenzie got a wild hair so now we are doing the Step hikes on Friday on our own. Our goal is to do all the hikes in the book this year. We have done 4 so far. They are really great.

    I will refer to this website and maybe I can fit in a hike once in a while. You never know. I will miss regular Saturday hikes.

    • So glad to hear from you…

      Keep us informed about the Steps hikes! We’re doing Santa Monica this Thursday. Some of us are planning to shop and in our hiking gear, no less.

      Think of us on Saturday! Hope you find a group and a good workout!

  3. Julie, 7:00 AM is just tooo early !


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