Etiwanda Preserve, September 24

September’s almost gone and our last two hikes for the month are Marshall Canyon on Sept. 17 and the Etiwanda Preserve, September 24.

The Etiwanda Preserve is a fairly new (1998) hiking area, developed with signage, beautiful views and a possible side trip to the creek.

We’ll meet at the BofA as usual to carpool.  But if you want to meet us there, give us 20 to 25 minutes to get there.

Columbine in Ice House Canyon Creek

Pictures of columbine float in Ice House Canyon Creek

The Etiwanda Preserve is at the northern end of Etiwanda in Rancho.  If you’re coming on the 210, they recommend you exit Day Creek and take it north where it will bend into Etiwanda.  Meet at the parking lot.

Saturday 9/10, Hikers’ Choice #4 (Foothill/Wheeler in La Verne).       Saturday 9/17:  Marshall Canyon.       Saturday 9/24:  Hikers’ Choice again, #4 at Foothill/Wheeler in La Verne.


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