Welcome Saturday Trail Trekkers!

Welcome everyone!   This new site will try to publish information about the Saturday schedule — it’s all about making it easier!

I hope you visit…and I believe if you leave a comment below, I’ll get it by email

Ski Hut Chipmunk

Alvin greets all hikers to the Sierra Ski Hut

and will do my best to answer!

So, here’s the rest of the  hikes for September:

Saturday 9/10, Hikers’ Choice #4 (Foothill/Wheeler in La Verne).       Saturday 9/17:  Marshall Canyon.       Saturday 9/24:  Hikers’ Choice again, #4 at Foothill/Wheeler in La Verne.

See you on the trail!


7 responses to “Welcome Saturday Trail Trekkers!

  1. Julie, this is great!!! I especially love it because Saturdays are all I can do unless I have a day off 🙂

  2. Nice page!

  3. Hal Fredericksen

    Thanks Julie,
    Haven’t hiked with you folks in a long while, … but I look forward to it soon. I always enjoy your posts and I’m glad you’ve organized this site and are sharing upcoming hikes. So do know… some wayward hikers like me enjoy your posts even if you haven’t seen us for a while! Thanks. Hal

  4. Nice site Julie!

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