Lawless in Horsethief Canyon

Like many western towns, San Dimas has a Horsethief Canyon, where we presume horse and cattle rustlers hid out from the law.

Horsethief CanyonToday, Horsethief Canyon is an offshoot of Sycamore Canyon (yes, every western town also has its own Sycamore Canyon) that still preserves the flavor of the old west with its Falcon Ridge Ranch, wooded hiking rails, winding horse trails.

And maybe a few outlaws.

Trekkers have never met a sign that they would admit to reading.Horsethief Canyon

It was a beautiful day for a hike!


Bear Flat, Stellar’s Jays

Saturday, we headed up Bear Flat trail on the slopes of Mt. Baldy and found a friendly (and hungry) Stellar’s Jay.  Virginia did photography duty and came up with these:

and this:

Wow. Lunch at Destroyer

First, the food was exceptional.  Yummy, beautifully presented.  Spectacular even.  But we ate at what has been called an industrial canteen, open only during the week, 8 to 5.

It started as a typical stairs outing, hopping on the Gold Line, transferring to the Red and then Expo to get to Culver City and the Baldwin Hills (Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Park.)  After nearly 4 miles of hiking, we searched for a place for a snack or lunch…and found nothing.  But Somair searched on his phone and came up with a Scandinavian Restaurant, Destroyer.  Hungry, we tromped for another mile and discovered a magical street (Hayden Avenue) and a magical restaurant.

I didn’t take many pictures (the noonday sun was brutal lighting) but here are just two examples of the spectacular architecture and design on this street.

And took only one picture of lunch … these are sweet potatoes crusted with walnuts under endive (mildly sweet and crunchy), avocado with sauce and greens (rich.)  We need to go back.

Jonathan Gold’s review:

Mormon Rocks…more pictures

We returned on Tuesday, this time with cameras and with more time to explore the flora and fauna.  Here’s some of what we found:

There were the huge displays of wildflowers,  beautiful rock formations…

and trains coming from the Cajon Pass, heading to Los Angeles.

Mormon Rocks

Trekking along the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) just south of the Cajon Pass and west of the I-15 freeway, we found ourselves winding through a wonderland of rock formations and wildflowers.

The wildfire of 2017 (the Lake Fire) seems to have inspired spectacular blooms of cactus, penstamen, yarrow and nearly every other wildflower…all at once.

The few phone camera pictures we took could not do justice to this bloom.  Still it was a cool, overcast morning, perfect for hiking.



Catching up…to the Flower Fields

Time to catch up …  with Trekker photos from Echo Mt. above Pasadena to the flower fields in Carlsbad.

Metro is now offering a 75cents shuttle ride from the Goldline in Pasadena (Memorial Park Station) to the Sam Merrill Trail.  From there it is a 2.7 mile hike to the top of Echo Mountain.  Bus #88 runs on weekends until September.   Pictures taken by Linda L.

Then on Thursday, trekkers took a road trip to Carlsbad to view the fields of ranunculus.  Click on any image in the two galleries below to start the slideshow.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

Video by Angie Dee and Justin Kenward, story by Julie Cosgrove